Friday, November 12, 2010

For My Studio Art

So I'm doing Studio Art this year  and have to create different pieces of artwork. one of my piece is going to be based off the website postsecret because the theme is friendship and when I think of friendship I think of trust (also i did a piece like this already but i want to make a bigger one with more people)
I am getting people to write their secret on a piece of paper, hold it in front of their face and take a picture. The secret has to be appropriate and no one will know it's you because your face will be covered. I wouldn't normally ask for people to do this but I need A LOT and I think having people I don't know do it too would be good because then I would have a variety of different secrets.
my sister took the example photo so she didn't do it exactly how i want but when you take the photo you may show more of the background and more of you but not to much as the focus is meant to be on the paper you are holding.... (but if you do show more then i want i can crop it)
Send AS MANY as you want to me
make sure they are appropriate please!! 
meaning no swearing... (if you must swear do the whole f*** or f@*#)
the secret HAS to be real or based off a real secret
the paper you write your secret on MUST be the sizes that are written on the paper...
that is 10.5cm (4.1 inches) by 23.6cm (9.3 inches)
remember AS MANY as you want... that means if you have friends or siblings who want to do one too that is perfectly fine because i need quite a lot.
also, you can hand write it or you can write it on the computer and stick it on the paper whichever is easier for you as long as you can read the writing
any questions just email me
Send your secrets to
Other notes:
When you write it make sure it's neat and readable
Please don't mention anything about religion or God or Jesus. I mean if you HAVE to then fine but I'm trying to avoid that topic
Please, I know this is stupid but I know some people who would, don't mention Twilight or Justine Beiber.. YES even if it is about hating them...
Also if you are going to take a few photos I suggest you change your top because you will be able to see your top in the photo... we just want to make it seem like it's by different people lol.
Try to keep the writing in English... if you want to another language is ok AS LONG as when you email the photo to me you tell me what it says in English. 
Your sentence DOES NOT have to start with the words "I secretly...." as some of my friends seem to thing, it can start however you want.
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much this means to me. If there is anything I can do for you just ask! :D 


you know these example photos?? basically write a secret on a piece of paper and take a photo of you holding it in front of your face like in the photo, so basically copy those photos!! If you have any more questions email me.